We were living in a very cold house for over 6 years, heating on constantly, filling oil tank every 5-6 weeks costing a bomb. We then heard about Snughome and their services and asked them would they inspect our home. They called to house at time arranged and proceeded with job in task, no inconvenience called at all. Agreed to get back with results a.s.a.p. and they did. Result was our home had next to no insulation at all and heat was going out the walls. "Result" Had necessary work done to insulate our home'. Outcome, heating required to heat house now max 4-5 hours a day as opposed to continuous. We now have a "Snughome", massively reduced heating oil bills. We can now live in comfort and save money and the environment.

A. FlanaganBallyboghill, Co. Dublin

We had a leak in our kitchen under a cement floor and could not figure out where the water was coming from, a friend recommended Snughome as they had the technology to do so... within a day he brought the system to us. We found Snughome to be very efficient and competitive on price, all aspects of the search were explained in full, there was no mess to deal with, and we were given a full detailed comprehensive report with DVD post analysis.

We would highly recommend Snughome to anyone who has a leak they cant locate before digging up the whole floor area, or if you live in a cold draughty house, they have the sophisticated technology not found anywhere in Ireland (we did comprehensive searches for this) and are prompt in service and trustworthy not like our original plumber! I have recommended Snughome to lots of friends and family and clients...

Chris SimpsonSports Scientist, Leinster Sports Clinic

I contacted Snughome due to unacceptable heat loss from our house where we could not identify root cause. Snughome arrived as planned, completed thermal imaging as described and delivered a very professional graphical report on time. The report was an essential tool for us to properly insulate our house

ConDonabate, Co Dublin

Thank you for being so quick, efficient, punctual, professional and detailed in carrying out the survey, sending the report as well as your recommendations. The service was very good value for money and the survey was a very useful tool. I would would not hesitate to use your services again and would be happy to recommend them to other potential users

Ann Retired teacher, Co Laois

Thank you ever so much, for the time and effort that you put in, to finding all the draught issues etc in my home. Also for your recommendations and suggestions. I will certainly be contacting those people. There was so much reading in that e-mail, that I needed to read it a few times to take it all in. I will certainly spread the word about your work and also post it on the internet. I was very impressed with how you carried out your work, in every way, a true professional.


Thanks very much for your very professional work on surveying our house in Mayo You identified numerous areas where heat loss was occurring in our attic area as well as from our windows I have actioned your recommendations and now notice a big difference I would strongly recommend your company


...how impressed I was by the thoroughly professional thermal imaging heat loss and airtightness survey you carried out on our home. It highlighted some problems we already suspected, but also identified many others that we may never have discovered. Now, we can target specific problem areas and work our way through the list of jobs. It will save us a huge amount of time and money by avoiding unnecessary and potentially costly work. I would have no hesitation recommending your services to anybody...

So, thanks to you survey, I've been able to tackle very specific areas to ensure we start seeing improvements immediately. I mentioned the survey to the various contractors & showed them the pics. They were suitably impressed & now know how serious I am about insulation!


"It’s the end of February and we are experiencing another cold damp winter. I’m sitting in the kitchen and wondering where in heavens name the draft is coming from. Our house, a dormer bungalow of about 25 years had the standard insulation fitted during the build. There were many changes to doors and windows during this time and extra insulation was recently pumped into walls and ceilings with no great reduction in heating costs. My wife and I decided to get a professional to take a look.

On the agreed day and on time Dan Slevin arrived with stacks of gear for the job in hand and set to work with his thermal imaging camera. I can’t be sure how long it took but it was somewhere between 3 to 4 hours.

When the survey was finished Dan and I talked briefly about the heat loss issues and I was told a more detailed document would arrive via mail. I knew even at this stage that this was the best money I had ever spent on the house. The full report arrived as promised and I was absolutely amazed by the amount of photos and the simple language used to describe each one. The detailed issues highlighted in each room, door and loft area were top class. Suggestions as to how we might deal with these issues and a list of reliable companies were also provided. Dan is a real professional , polite as well.

Gerry DeeganKilkenny

I was seriously thinking of spending thousands of euro and replacing all the doors and windows,insulating the walls and ceilings in our very cold house when my brother suggested getting a thermal imaging inspection done on the house to find out for sure where the heat loss was occuring. I contacted www.snughome.ie and Dan suggested that the blower door/air tightness test in conjunction with thermal imaging would do the job for me. Dan was very courteous and professional and explained the whole process to me from start to finish, unlike some other companies who were very vague and quite frankly made me feel like an idiot!

Dan Arrived when he said he would, and conducted the whole process with very little disruption to the household. The report included photos which included both visual and thermal images, which showed very clearly where our heat loss was occuring and showed that we did not in fact need our windows replaced, only one door needed replacing, and our walls did not need insulating. We replaced the door and with our attic insulation we have definitely improved the warmth in our house more than I thought possible and we have saved thousands of euros. The report showed heat loss in places I would never have considered as problem areas and has given us the guidance we need while improving our home.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Snughome to anyone who wants to improve the energy efficiency of their home. The cost may seem off putting but is definitely worth it as it has genuinely saved us thousands

Hazel ByrneGreystones, Co Wicklow

Snughome were fantastic!  Really quick to respond and to give me an appointment as my house was just freezing!  The report was clear and very detailed, which allowed me to understand exactly where all draughts were coming from in each room - and then Dan went through the report with me to better understand the likely causes for each of the draughts.  He's a very lovely man, and one I was comfortable having around the house for the day as he worked.  I feel this report will have saved me significant money as I can target exactly where to insulate in the house rather than just covering all the usual suspects - Dan uncovered a couple of real surprises which will give great heat improvement to the house.  Well worth the investment!


When I first set out to start improving my house for the winter, I wasn't sure where to start. I got some quotes from external wall insulation companies, but hadn't felt comfortable with their representatives or their quotes. I found some advice online about getting an independent valuation done and that's when I found Snughome.ie.

Dan came to do a thermal imaging survey on the house and was able to show me in detail where my house was really losing heat. It turned out that my walls were performing comparatively well compared to the attic and other gaps I never would have thought of. He also answered my all questions with enthusiasm and patience. I would definitely recommend Snughome.ie as a starting point for home energy improvements