Snughome are available to INSPECT Your Home. REPORT on Defects. ADVISE Improvements. CUT Your Energy Bills.

Snughome are the leading exponents in Ireland of thermal imaging for home inspections. We help you slash your home heating bills and increase your comfort levels. Using cutting edge technology we can identify and pin-point the areas in your home most prone to valuable and unnecessary heat-loss. Remember the camera never lies!

Who We Are

Snughome inspectors are fully trained in the use of the latest infrared technology to carry out thorough property inspections and produce first class professional reports, which include images to pinpoint the exact location of any discovered defects. All Snughome inspectors are Garda vetted, fully trained and certified Thermographers, and fully insured.

Snughome are a fully independent company with no affiliations with any property repair or maintenance companies. This ensures completely unbiased reporting on your behalf. Our Home Inspection and Energy Audit Reports will give an honest evaluation of any defects found in your home, giving you a clear view of the best way to deal with any problems found.

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Our Services

Thermal Imaging is the perfect tool for building diagnostics. Its many applications include:

Energy Auditing

Snughome's home inspectors will carry out an energy audit of your home using cutting-edge infrared technology to improve energy efficiency, leading to savings on energy costs.

Save on energy bills


Find and check pipes and tubes for leaks. Even when waterpipes are laid under the floor or behind plaster, the heat of the pipes radiates through the surface and can be easily detected with an infrared camera. The exact location of leaks or cracks can be detected without damage to fixtures.

Non-invasive detection of leaks and cracks


Heat losses, humidity and air leaks are instantly visible on colourful thermal images.

Detect construction defects before they harm your home.


By visualising areas of energy loss, or "thermal bridges", faulty locations are easily located, allowing measures to be taken to prevent condensation and areas of mould growth.

Find insulation defects and prevent mould growth


Evaluation of roofing systems for water leakage is easily achieved with Thermal Imaging. Water retains heat longer and can easily be detected at night when the rest of the roof has cooled. Wet areas of the roof can be repaired rather than replacing the whole roof.

Save on repair costs for flat roofs.


Thermal Imaging can provide useful information on the functioning of air conditioning covers, radiators and ventilation systems.

Discover defects in heating, ventilation and air conditioning


Thermal Imaging allows easy discovery of crevices, leaking joints and loosening stones in chimneys and exhaust sections of heating systems. Overheated locations, which can cause chimney fires, become immediately visible on the infrared image. Danger of fire caused by building too closely to hot heating and exhaust areas can also be detected at once.

discover overheated areas of your home to prevent fires


Mould attacks the building structure an also your family's health. Health problems and allergies can develop where mould is allowed to build up. Infrared Cameras with special software functions for dew point visualisation indicate endangered locations immediately, preventing damage to your family's health.

Mould detection prevents health damage

Buying A Home?

Why not arrange for a Pre-Purchase Inspection to ensure your prospective home is free of dangerous or potentially expensive defects. Infrared inspection by Snughome home inspectors is a powerful and noninvasive means of diagnosing the condition of your prospective home, and... It could save you thousands!

Have a pre-purchase inspection of your prospective home, to potentially save a lot of money.