Snughome inspectors will supply you with a comprehensive report on their thermal imaging survey findings, which will include both visual and thermal images (samples below), temperature measurements and text notes for easy identification of heat loss problem areas.

Our inspectors use state-of-the-art software to produce clear, easily-interpreted reports, with high-resolution photographs to help present the issues found. Suggestions are given for remedies to problems indicated by the infrared images.

Please note all thermal images were taken using the iron colour palette. What this means is that the brighter the colour the higher the temperature, and the darker the colour the lower the temperature. (i.e Dark Colour=Cold, Bright Colour=Warm).

Please also note the temperature range key on the right hand side of each thermal image. Corresponding visual images were taken to reference where each thermal image was taken.

sample images from Snughome home inspection thermal imaging reports
black and white reference imges show where the infrared images were taken